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Mammoth Dunes - 5th Hole - Jeff Bertch - 2017.jpeg

Mammoth Dunes 5th Hole Architecture Overview

David Kidd's Dynamic Video Overview of Mammoth Dunes' 5th Hole

Featuring Audio from David Kidd, Directed by "The Fried Egg" and Production by "Envisage"



After making the trek up the par-3 fourth, golfers are welcomed with a dramatic vista from the 5th tee. The long par 4 tees off the top of a massive ridge-line that continues to run down the hole's left side. David McLay Kidd built the fifth with a generous amount of fairway width off the tee, but there is an ideal line of play up the middle right of the fairway. The speed slot is created by a diagonal ridge that cuts through the fairway from left to right. Taking the heroic line up the right will give tee shots with extra yards and the best angle to attack the flag. The green sits on a ridge and is angled slightly from left to right. Cut into the ridge-line is a deep bunker which guards the right side of the green. Missing the ideal line will leave a blind approach to the 5th green, but not one without hope. Here's how to play it from the left or right.

Option 1: Left Side of the Fairway

Carrying the ridge on the left side is the safe line but comes with the drawback of a blind shot. From this position, players will have to contend with a forty-foot sand dune obstructing their view. A lone pine tree serves as an aim-point. A running shot on that line will feed to the green and give an opportunity for birdie.

Option 2: Right Side of the Fairway

A tee shot a little right or short of the ridge will find fairway and another blind shot, this time from the diagonal ridge. This position is a far worse place than the left. From this position, a wise play is up the left towards the same lone pine. The left side will avoid the deep green-side bunkers and funnel close to the green.

David McLay Kidd's wide fairways at Mammoth Dunes allow players to swing away off the tee, but the discerning player will find its lines of charm to score.


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