Sand Valley
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Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip to Sand Valley with detailed caddy information and golf and lodging policies.


Planning Your Trip

We understand that golf trips take a lot of preparation and coordination. We want to make sure you're well equipped to make the best decisions to plan an amazing golf trip at Sand Valley. With that in mind we've prepared the below to help you understand our offerings and policies, and to plan your trip.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any details of your trip with one of our team members, please just reach out and one of our team members will be happy to assist.




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A Walking Game

At Sand Valley we believe that the game of golf is best experienced by walking the course, especially when you have the help of a caddie to guide you. Caddies come to Sand Valley with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Here are the expectations for level of expertise and payment.

Expectations for Caddie Levels

A Caddie - $90 and up, suggested gratuity

Our goal is to enhance your experience, improve your game and make the round even more enjoyable. Our A level caddies are professionals who travel to Sand Valley for the season from other golf facilities, professional tours or who happen to live nearby. These caddies can offer invaluable insight about hole locations, carry yardages, playing conditions, club selection and will be excellent guides around the course.

B Caddie - $60 and up, suggested gratuity

Our B level caddies are often new to the game and have an age range from 12 to 60+. You can expect them to carry your bag, offer yardages when requested and simplify your on-course experience by raking bunkers and tending the flag.

*Based on the high volume of golfers requesting caddie services, in most cases we are unable to accommodate single bag caddie requests.


Paying Your Caddy

*All Caddie rates are in addition to greens fees.

Caddie payments are to be paid directly to your caddie in cash. Additional gratuity, although not required, may be added and should be paid to the caddie directly, in cash, at your discretion.

There is an ATM in the Sand Valley Clubhouse. Guests may also charge their rooms or credit cards for cash to pay caddies upon request in the Pro Shop.

*Unlike many resorts, a caddie fee is not paid in the Pro Shop.  At Sand Valley, the entire caddie payment goes directly to the caddie in cash.


Course Conditions - Firm & Fast

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Firm and Fast Links Conditions

The golf courses at Sand Valley feature fescue grass in our fairways and "rough" hazards and bent grass on our greens. These are types of grass that provide firm and fast playing conditions that mimic the playing conditions at Links courses in Scotland and Ireland, where the game began. 

What Does this Mean for You?

While every player chooses to play differently, playing on firm and fast playing conditions generally forces the player to use the "ground game" (putters from off the green, bump and runs with a lower iron, etc.) to his or her advantage instead of trying to use lofted wedges to try to control the ball through loft and spin. The firmer playing conditions mean your ball will generally roll out much farther than you might be used to AND that it can be harder to pick the ball clean from the fairway. 

A Quick Tip: Links Golf 101

When in doubt from just off the green, when choosing between a lofted wedge and a putter, go with the putter!

Practice Facility


Current Practice Range: Sand Valley currently has a modest practice range located 50 yards from Sand Valley's first tee. This range features several flags at various distances to help you dial in your distances and is long and wide enough to allow you to use all clubs in your bag.

Putting Greens: There are currently putting greens at Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes that will allow you to warm up and dial in on green speeds before teeing off on either course.

Practice Facilities 2018: We are currently building a much larger practice facility that will feature a long range, short range, and putting green. We look forward to opening this new facility in Summer 2018.


Shuttle Service


Shuttle service is available to take you from the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, and all lodging units to and from the first tee of Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes, the Short Course, the Practice Center, or your car. 

All guest rooms have an in-room telephone with a "Shuttle" speed dial button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Caddie Services

A Caddie: $90
B Caddie: $60

Golf Instruction

½ Hour: $50
1 Hour: $90
9-Hole Playing Lesson: $150 + greens fee
18-Hole Playing Lesson: $300 + greens fee

Links Lesson: $50 per person. Learn how to play off firm turf in windy conditions.

Group and Junior Lessons: please contact the Golf Shop for information and rates.

Deposit Policies for Rooms, Golf, Groups

Golf and Lodging Reservations: The first night's room rate for each room reserved, and the first greens fee per person, is due at the time of booking.

Golf Only Reservations: Credit card information is required to reserve your tee time in advance but your card will not be charged. Please see below for cancellation policy.

Group Reservations (16 or more – corporate or master billing): Deposit payment and dates due are detailed in the group contract. Contact a group coordinator for questions or concerns.

Cancellation Policy

General Reservations: From opening to October 1st, the cancellation policy is 30 days with full refund of the deposit outside 29 days. Inside 29 days, the guest is responsible for the first room night for each room booked and full golf charges.

Between October 1st and the end of the season, the cancellation policy is 10 days with full refund of the deposit outside 9 days. Inside 9 days, the guest is responsible for the first room night for each room booked and full golf charges.

Group Reservations: We have a 90-day cancellation policy. Please refer to your contract. If you have any questions or need to make any changes, please contact your group coordinator.

Rain Check Policy

Should you choose not to play your round of golf due to inclement weather, you will need to contact the golf shop directly while on-property. You will be charged for and issued a voucher that is redeemable for future golf or golf merchandise. Once you tee off, you have committed to the round of golf and are not eligible for a voucher. Replay rounds may be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Are there Golf Carts at Sand Valley?

Sand Valley is walking-only, however riding golf carts are available to all guests with a permanent disability that prevents them from walking their round. Such a request must be accompanied by a doctor’s note and approved prior to arrival. Call 888.651.5539 to inquire about availability.

Are there Pull Carts? How much do they cost?

Yes, we have pull/push carts available ($10 per day) or you may bring your own. The sand and lack of paths can be difficult on motorized pull carts.

Rental Clubs

We have club rentals for $60 per day which come with 2 complimentary sleeves of golf balls. Advance reservations recommended.