Sand Valley
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Beyond Golf

Learn about the origins of Sand Valley, information on Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes, and the Sandbox and explore our non-golf activities including hiking, fishing, and grass tennis.


There's more to Sand Valley than just great golf. In addition to our brand new practice facility that includes a short range area, Sand Valley offers 15 grass tennis courts, 3 lakes for fishing, and more than 15 miles of hiking and fat-tire biking trails.

Grass Court Tennis

Set amidst the prehistoric sand dunes of central Wisconsin, Sand Valley provides the perfect canvas for both golf and grass tennis. Grass courts fit right into the property aesthetic and allow for all skill levels to have fun. Tennis has played a role at Sand Valley since the resort opened, with impromptu courts sitting near the opening tee of the first course. In 2018, the first tennis complex opened with five fescue courts available to visitors. In Spring 2019, 10 additional ryegrass courts opened for play.

One of 10
Sand Valley’s tennis facility is the largest public grass tennis surface and is one of fewer than 10 public grass tennis facilities in the United States.

 Dress Code
Players are welcome to embrace the tradition of grass tennis and Wimbledon by wearing white tennis attire (optional). Smooth-soled shoes are required.

Participate in the ultimate grass tennis experience by taking advantage of a variety of private lessons, daily clinics, and summer camps. To learn more, please contact Reservations at (888) 651-5539.

Ball Persons
Players are encouraged to request ball boys and girls who significantly enhance the experience by retrieving and supplying balls, adapting to your playing style, and helping speed up play.

The Essentials
Need a racquet for the day? Sand Valley offers complimentary racquet rentals for all guests. Balls, grips, and other necessities are available for purchase in the Clubhouse.

Playing tennis in a setting as serene as sand valley was perfect. the setting instantly transports you to the origins of tennis in England and france. this is a great tennis and golf destination.
— david frank, marquette university high school head coach

Participate in the ultimate Sand Valley Grass Tennis experience:


Dream Tennis Day

Dream Tennis Day was designed for your group to enjoy destination tennis, farm-to-table dining, with no hassle of coordinating the trip.

For more information about a Dream Tennis Day, including group size and transportation options: (888) 651-5539 or


Hiking and Running

Interested in taking the road less traveled? At Sand Valley that means heading out on one of the three trails that run throughout the resort—two a bit friendlier and the other more of a challenge. All trails are open to the public, as well as those staying at the resort. The trails feature expansive sand blowouts, red pine plantations, and majestic oak savannahs. Take notice of the many birdboxes along the way!


The Songbird Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 1.2 Miles
Estimated Time: 40 minutes

The Bentley Hills Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
2.2 miles
Estimated Time:
60 minutes

The Ridge Trail

Difficulty: Advanced
3 miles
Estimated Time:
1 hour & 20 minutes

Fat Tire Biking

The sand is flying and you’re dashing down a hill, with a panorama of the incredible Wisconsin countryside as your view. That’s the experience of fat tire biking in the unforgettable Wisconsin barrens. In recent years, fat tire biking—bikes with tires that are four or five inches wide and keep you stable on sand and other surfaces—have gained a ton of fans. The bikes were initially devised for Alaskan winters, but have adapted perfectly to the snowy trails surrounding Sand Valley. At Sand Valley you have two options for fat tire biking—the Quicksand Trail and the Whitville Loop Trail. So hop on a bike at the clubhouse and explore Sand Valley’s surroundings.


Quicksand Trail:

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1 Mile
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

A relatively easy loop over a mile will help get you adjusted to fat tire biking or prepare you for a more challenging ride. Of course, you can simply run the loop more than once, and while riding you’ll get a great look at Aldo’s Garden, the Chicken Coop, and Sand Valley’s practice facility.

Whitville Loop Fat Tire Bike Trail

Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 3-mile
Estimated Time: 40 minutes

A more advanced trail, this will reward you with spectacular views of the sandy hills and nature that sprawls through the sand barrens of Wisconsin. Over three miles, this trail runs along an 80-foot sand ridge, with the incredible courses of Sand Valley below, and the fully restored prairie on the other side. This is a more advanced trail, and takes the rider through rolling hills, stands of red pine, and provides a sense of all the features that make up the property at Sand Valley.

Fat Tire Bikes may be reserved at the Front Desk and are free to resort guests.




Throwing balls toward a target is the oldest game known to mankind. With incredible views over Mammoth Dunes’ 1st and 18th holes, take a trip back to 5000 B.C. and play on our two new bocce courts. The courts are located on the Karner Terrace, allow for play by up to 16 players, are complimentary, and first come, first serve.

Swimming and Fishing


Three lakes are available at Sand Valley for fishing, swimming, and more. Located beside the ninth hole at Sand Valley, Lake Leopold is an important part of the Sand Valley experience. The lake, named after American environmentalist Aldo Leopold, is also the site of our cottage accommodations and is perfect for a swim in the summer sun, or dipping a line in the glistening waters to convince a fish to bite. 


In the 19th century the site became a pulp tree plantation with red pine trees planted in rows. The red pines were managed as "crops", with the crops planted in long rows and harvested and sold periodically. When the Keiser’s discovered the property it was being used as a pulp tree nursery by a major timber company and lacked the diversity of plant life that is natural to the site. Prior to the land being used as a pulp tree plantation it was naturally what's known as a "Jack Pine-Hill's Oak Sand Barren" with exposed sand areas, indigenous low-lying vegetation and flowers, and intermittent strands of Jack Pines and Hill's Oaks. In addition to building a world class golf resort our goal is to restore the native Sand Barrens by removing the red pine trees and encouraging the growth of native plants. Several years after removing the majority of red pine from the property, we're happy to see a great diversity of vegetation come to life.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located in the lower level of the Clubhouse and is open 24/7 to resort guests. Features include two treadmills, two ellipticals, two bikes, a stretching area, and a strength and weights area. For more information on the fitness center or Sand Valley Fitness Classes, please contact Reservations at (888) 651-5539.