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Travel – On Wisconsin! Sand Valley Golf Resort

For a state roughly the size of noted golf hotbeds England and Scotland, Wisconsin has done a remarkably good job of producing special public golf resorts for its brief, but spectacular golf season, running from late April to October, possibly early November.

First came the Whistling Straits Resort, the Herb Kohler owned, four-course property and five-star American Club lodging which will host the 2020 Ryder Cup. Then Erin Hills Golf Resort, the site of the 2017 US Open, but the latest addition, the Sand Valley Resort in Central Wisconsin, might be the closest to the Scottish Idea.

Because when the Scots invented golf more than 500 years ago, the idea was to get outside with your mates, practice your aim and direction for upcoming archery drills and just see how many swigs of Whiskey you could get from the bottle you brought with you. (18, if you believe the legend of how they came up with the number of holes in a complete round). But mainly the game was invented to have fun with friends, in the often challenging conditions, but enjoy the challenge and the time together in various layouts. Over the last century or two, golf has often drifted from fun to struggle to labor or a sweaty effort to just keep up with the ever increasing length and challenge. Well, the earliest of Scots would indeed enjoy the new Sand Valley Resort in the Central Wisconsin sandy wilderness.

Because if asked to describe this new 36-hole facility, with a 17 hole par 3 course, lodging and food, and you weren’t allow to use the word “sand”, of which there is plenty, the word would be “fun”.

Fun to play, fun to challenge, fun to be with friends and fun to discover developer Mike Keiser has not lost his magic golf resort touch which has made Bandon Dunes and Cabot Links on both the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts respectively, equally fun.

Sand Valley is a drivable par 4, pitch and putt, on-course Kielbasa sausage eating, Wisconsin -brewed beer drinking fun, for amateur and serious golfers and all who love getting together with friends, family and associates.


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