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Sand Valley News includes the latest updates on Sand Valley Golf Resort as reported by the golf world. 

Sand Valley News

Mammoth Dunes at Sand Valley: How David McLay Kidd used Bandon Dunes as inspiration to bring fun back to golf

After visiting Sand Valley for the opening of Mammoth Dunes, Stephen Hennessey of Golf Digest discusses Mammoth Dunes and David Kidd's design philosophy.

Discussing the drivable par-4 14th hole at Mammoth Dunes, Stephen writes: "Part of the thrill, too, is the concept based on the Redan-style green, which is usually found on a par 3. But we achieved it on a par 4. So you have the thrill for a golfer hitting their driver and watching it chase on the ground for 15 to 20 seconds before it stops, who doesn't think that's cool?"

Chris Keiser