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Sand Valley News includes the latest updates on Sand Valley Golf Resort as reported by the golf world. 

Sand Valley News


Week of the British Open - Firm and Fast Playing Conditions of Sand Valley

Each July the Open Championship showcases a style of golf course that is rarely seen in the U.S. Faded green and brown fairways represent firm and fast playing surface that force players to think about what happens to their ball after it lands. This truly brings to life the imagination and intent of the great architects who built these courses and invokes the imagination of the players who compete on those same courses. Bump and runs, long putts, drives bounding down the fairways...

Though located in the sand dunes of central Wisconsin, far away from the ocean and true "links", our goal is to offer similar playing conditions as the great links courses overseas. Built on prehistoric sand dunes, our "tawny" fescue fairways of Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes play firm and fast and allow you to use the contours that Coore & Crenshaw and David McLay Kidd left in place. We hope that creativity, imagination and fun ensue.



Chris Keiser